30 Apr



“JQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages”.

JQuery’s website does very well to showcase their excellent JavaScript library. The use of soft gradients and strong logo design speaks volumes about the modern approach to web design. And check out the neat little way you can try a quick JQuery action out on the home page, Impressive.

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28 Apr

The Found Bin

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The Found Bin is the largest place for free and found things.

There are alot of different colors and fonts going on here, some people could call it a mess but I think it’s ordered chaos :). I think the idea of the website is great and the fun looking graphics tell the story of the site.

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28 Apr

Luke Stevens Design

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Designed by Luke Stevens.

Why can’t more websites  sum up what they do and how they can help you the moment you get to the site. This design looks great, but the killer element of the site is the flow. Take the big picture of the rusty refrigerator for example.  It immediatly grabs your attention and your eyes slowly wander down to “Need a new site? I can help, see my work”. Form there it shows you his recent work if you need more information about his work, which looks great too by the way.

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26 Apr


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Developed by Maintain.

A Product based design brochure site that looks quite good, if not a little bare in the header, but I guess that just adds to the simplicity of the site. And the icons they use are so well suited to the design. So beautiful.

25 Apr



Designed by Filipe Varela.

Filipe’s approach to his design is somewhat dark, bold and modern, and the outcome is stunning. The Sticky tape bits on his latest work peice look fab and add a nice touch.

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24 Apr



Designed by Wolfgang Bartelme.

An uber sleek redesign from Wolfgang that does a great job of inspiring. I really like his “feature” post and recent entries part, makes it look a little less bloggy.  :)

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