06 Apr

Think Pocket


Social Bookmarking site from Think Pocket.

I really love the colours here, sexy soft blue & light black. I think the separation of the content is very good too. The main area in the middle surrounded by blue tells the user what the site does and gives a screenshot of the application in use. Then when you scroll to the bottom, The secondary information comes into play, such as blog posts and features.

But I think my main love of this site is the logo. It actually took me a few seconds to figure out it was a… well pocket :), but once I did, wow. Good Job guys

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I’d like to see just a bit more non-video info before I burden your server(s) by signing up. E.g., do you handle PRIVATE bookmarks, should I desire merely to organize my own bookmarks without sharing? Playing the audio of a video presentation presentation presents an undesired intrusion upon mi otherwise-occupied esposa.

Posted by fjpoblam December 14th at 12:40 pm

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