16 Apr

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A German site with alot of fun colours and amazing graphics. Not sure exactly what these guys do (blog publishing I think), but their site is pretty to look at :). What seems to have the most content on this site is the footer. Nice seperation from the links to the actuall content on screen.

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They publish WordPress blogs… you’re right. I think there’s too few details in the vectors, or maybe it’s just the style. ‘some WordPress theme’, although that may be intentional.

Posted by Wolf April 17th at 11:44 am

Nice illustration and design!

It looks like all posts have to be restricted to less than ten or so lines. Little bit restrictive. But if it works for them!

Posted by Thomas Holmes April 17th at 12:58 pm

I dunno, I really like the vector look. I think it’s simple and unique and works really well. And how do these guys publish these WordPress blogs?

Posted by Keith Donegan April 17th at 1:03 pm

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