30 May



Corkd is designed by Dan Cederholm.

The Corkd website should be seen as a testiment of how simple attractive designs can work much better than full blown graphics heavy sites trying to show too much content. I absolutely love Dan’s style with Corkd. His color scheme is simply remarkable, it’s funny but a simple thing like color that everybody has access to is really hard to work with correctly.

28 May

Write Maps


WriteMaps is a free web-based tool that allows you to create, edit, and share sitemaps online“.

Write Maps has a nice simple interface that looks quite cool and fresh. There’s not alot going on with the Write Maps website but any fans of simplicity will find it a real gem. The logo is well designed and has a real juicy vector look to it. After you sign-up, you will have access to their sweet Ajax interface to build your site-map visually. Excellent Job Write Maps.

27 May

DIT Conservatory

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Designed by Spoilt Child.

The DIT Conservatory website has such an uncluttered design that manages to include alot of content. Also check out some of their sections and see the wonderful images that really compliment the design Their tabbed navigation is really attractive and the gradient adds a nice a little bit of depth to the tabs. My other favourite piece of DIT Conservatory is the chosen colors, such elegance. Top marks guys.

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26 May

A J Miles


Designed by A J Miles.

Andrew John Miles is a contemporary British artist living and working in Northampton, United Kingdom“.

A J Miles has such creative gift, he obviously feels at home with web design as-well as painting. The way A J has partitioned his main content from the header with his navigation menu and sample paintings is an excellent example of a clear flow of content.

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26 May

Little Happy Cattery

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We are a small, family run boarding cattery situated in a safe, secure and tranquil garden environment“.

Little Happy Cattery was designed by Andy Gosling.

Little Happy Cattery has such a soft and girlie feel to it, it’s hard to imagine the website is aimed at cat lovers :) Pushing the pinkness aside, the site is very well designed with some fantastic design elements such as the stylish photos placed throughout the site and logo of the cat with the crown, which sums up the they way your cat will be treated.

Overall Little Happy Cattery does a good job of presenting their services and their brand is pretty good too.

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24 May

Rails Day 2006

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Rails Day 2006 is designed by Fusionary.

The Rails Day designers approach  in the design is big and bold. They have such a beautiful color scheme that is perfectly executed by the use of a dark black background coupled with the beige sidebar and topped off with some white for the content area.

The social media icons are well placed and they should definitely increase the site’s social bookmarks.

One last thing I would like to mention is the logo. You really have to hand it to Rails Day, and fusionary for such a wicked logo. I love the choice of font used and the clever way of including the rails dots on the scroll banner.

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