21 May

Intuitive Designs

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An elegant and simple interface cooked by Intuitive Designs. The image of the chef whipping up some cream may confuse some visitors as they first enter the site, but their tagline answers any questions as to the nature of the site.

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Thanks for the nice mention about our site! We decided to use a cooking theme since it’s something near and dear to our hearts. We are thinking about changing the theme this summer to something else fun, but haven’t decided what yet.

You have a nice site here. I really like the green and gray colors.

Posted by Naomi May 23rd at 10:00 am

[…] The Designed Tree mentioned us in their blog. It’s a really nice site that highlights good design. Thanks. We are truely flattered! […]

Posted by The Anachronic Herald » Blog Archive » We’ve been spotted at The Designed Tree! May 24th at 9:14 am

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