29 Jun



Pownce is a way to send messages, files, links, and events to your friends“.

We have all seen sites that are designed with huge footers (cough cough) but Pownce put a nice spin on their design with their over sized header. It emphasizes the branding so much, by the contrast put on the logo. An elegant two tone stunner, nice work Pownce.

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29 Jun

Eden Creative Communities

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Eden Creative Communities are the founders of such fantastic sites such as freelanceswitch and flashden.

Eden Creative Communities is dedicated to empowering your creativity. We are based in Sydney, Australia but our family of sites are home to creatives from around the world“.

Eden CC have an an almost too clean design with a gracefulness about it. It is sharp and very attractive. it should appeal to a wide audience as it is not overbearing or too styled.

28 Jun

10 Great Iconic Sets to drool over

Nice set of Microformat icons including Primary microformats, XFN Set, and Vote-links.


Sweetie Icons over 182 stylish and very clean icons for use in web applications or program interfaces.


FamFamFam has created one of the best collections of clean icons around and best of all there all free.


Brandspankingnew has offered up 113 excellent greyscale icons.


Icon Buffet offers free stock icons to download and trade with friends aswell as offering icons for sale.

Icon Buffet

Some random dude has created and generously given away lots of icon sets, most notably sanscons and bitcons.


Tango offer some great inspiration for icon design aswell as being free to download an use.

Tango Icons

Styegala giveaway over 200 icons that were created by their community.


Pixelgraphix delivers 8 handy greyscale icons that are ideal for small blogs.


Feed Icon, “Home of the standard web feed icon“. What else do you need for you rss icon needs.

RSS Icons

28 Jun


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Hot Meteor is a media firm specializing in web, print, and branding materials. All of our work is created with the individual in mind but perfect for mass consumption“.

Hot Meteor have a real raw organized and yet a slightly edgy streak to their style. They definitely pull their own design off very well indeed. From their design you can tell they really love playing with typography as their are quite a few fonts surrounding the content. It works well and has a bit of edge. Fantastic job Hot Meteor.

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28 Jun

Warm Hearts

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Warm Hearts was designed by ttcadvertising.

Palliative Caregivers Sudbury/Manitoulin is a non-profit agency providing end of life support and compassionate care for terminally ill clients and their families in our community“.

Warm Hearts boasts such a striking design for a great charity. I think the real beauty in this design is the detail. Take the site’s background for instance, it is such a divine pattern and really polishes the design up. The second fundamental thing the designers have worked very well with is the attention to detail in the colors. I think it’s safe to say that all these spectacular colors work very well together. And I love are the stock photographs. Again these photographs are well suited and add alot of feeling to each page. Indeed some excellent work Warm Hearts.

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27 Jun

Veerle duoh


I have been meaning to add Veerle’s award winning blog for some time now, but only felt the need to add her blog for inclusion now. The reason being is I was trying to think of new ways to describe what a masterpiece she has built but ended up rehashing what everybody else said, regarding the illustrations, color scheme, excellent attention to detail etc etc. So I don’t think words are appropriate to showcase Veerle’s Blog, just check it out.

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