02 Jun



Easily create, manage, and search an unlimited number of contacts, export to vcards, even share contacts with any email address“.

One of the main reasons for showcasing Keepm on the tree is their amazingly clean style. I have to give it to them, Keepm have created such a straightforward site that tell you exactly what they do and how their service can help you within a few seconds of reaching the homepage. Keepm may keep their design super simple but the color coordination and choice of these colors are very very pretty. Congrats guys.

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Thanks :) Glad you like it. Hope you’re making using the service as well!

Posted by Joseph DePalma June 3rd at 4:19 pm

It’s on the “to checkout list” :)

Posted by Keith Donegan June 3rd at 4:22 pm

Great thinking! That really brekas the mold!

Posted by Kaedon June 14th at 11:59 pm

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