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Designed by Bence Kucsan.

I will cover some of the things that I’m sure people have already covered when talking Svenigson. Bence Kucsan‘s site is a truly sexy and well polished piece of work. His “featured” posts are well distinguished from the rest of his content and are really emphasized by such bold color and big text.

Bence manages to squeeze alot of great writing into the design, but also some cool “widgets” such as how long the recent entry was made and how many comments were made, check out the footer for more. Overall a great site to check out if your into stylish designs that ooze coooool :)

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Not to mention that sexy AJAX menu thingie…
Joke aside, kind words, thanks, glad You like!

Posted by Bence June 8th at 8:20 pm

Thanks for stopping by Bence

Posted by Keith Donegan June 18th at 1:46 pm

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