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I have no idea what this site is about let alone who designed Stauente, but design is universal, so who cares about the language.

There was one solid reason for this beauty being included on the tree and that was it’s clean uncluttered style. All of it’s content is well spaced out and soft on the eyes. The second was the header graphic. The I heart Stau graphic does take up alot of space and adds a good bit of scrolling to the page, but it so neat and slick I don’t care, now if someone can please tell me what the image is :) . Excellent approach Stauente

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Nice site…! I think I can gather (from my schoolboy German) what this product is…! Rather amusing… why does it make me want to go to the toilet…?!?

Posted by Nat Hardwick June 27th at 12:29 pm

It would appear is a site for an emergency use portable “toilet” (or Portable “Duck”, as the site seems to translate it to) for motorists on long journeys

I especially like the nodding dog.. kudos for that alone! :)

nice site by the way.. lots of great examples of cracking web design


Posted by the.pyrophoric June 27th at 12:43 pm

You are kidding me :) A portable toilet, well it makes sense I suppose, but what if you are in heavy traffic, cars all around you and you start using this device, what will people think if they seen you using it?

Posted by Keith Donegan June 27th at 12:47 pm

Nice pun :) Oh and thanks for the kind comments pyrophoric.

Posted by Keith Donegan June 27th at 12:48 pm

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