02 Jul

Nikki Brion / Bottled Sky

Nikki Brion

This section of bottled sky is Nikki Brion’s portfolio work. The layout has a very unique style. It consists of a three column design but not the average run of the mill design consisting of one big content column and two small columns for navigation and secondary sections. All the columns are of equal width and the center content column looks amazing with all the illustration around. And be sure to checkout Nikki’s work here. Some real talent from Nikki Brion, well done.

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Thank you so much for featuring my site! It made my day :-)

Posted by Nikki July 2nd at 1:58 pm

Not at all Nikki, great design deserves great praise.

thanks for stopping by

Posted by Keith Donegan July 2nd at 2:01 pm

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