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SEO Position

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SEO Position

SEO Consulting, Viral and Social Marketing, Web Development“.

SEO Position have recently redesiged their site and all I can say is wow. They have a terrific color scheme and some sweet minor details going on such as the vectors in the right hand side nav and the leaves in the title of the posts. The elegant approach in design is stunning and the quality of the content is top notch, added to my RSS. Well done SEO Position

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All I can say is thanks! We’ve received a lot of praise on our new design and are planning on releasing this theme to Drupal and perhaps even to WordPress.

Thanks again for such a glowing comment!
Brian Gilley

Posted by SEO Position July 12th at 9:43 pm

Hi Brian,

Thanks for taking the time to respond. And fair play for releasing the theme. I’m sure alot of people will thank you for it.

Posted by Keith Donegan July 14th at 2:30 am

this design is not live anymore, the website is on drupal now and the link redirects.

Posted by Krystian March 3rd at 10:25 am

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