17 Jul

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This is the community blog for Six Apart’s Movable Type publishing platform and was designed by Jesse Gardner.

I think color is one of the most exciting tools designers have at their disposal. Movable Type have just blew me away with this utterly gorgeous design with such a vibrant color scheme. I think it’s safe to say that nearly all the colors mix well together, but my favourite piece in the design has got to be the electric green top header. Great Effort Movable Type.

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Every bit of credit goes towards Jesse Gardner of PlasticMind design (http://plasticmind.com/), the guy behind the new feel of mt.org. A truly talented designer :)

Posted by Arvind Satyanarayan July 17th at 8:28 pm

Hey Arvind,

Will update the post as soon as I can with the designer’s credit.


Posted by Keith Donegan July 17th at 8:58 pm

The sad reality of it is that while I put all my effort into creating great design for others, my current site hasn’t been touched in two years. Not to say I haven’t tried! Designing for yourself is probably the most daunting task (IMHO), but I’ll be darned if I don’t finish a new site design before next week rolls around.

Thanks for your review!

Posted by Jesse Gardner July 18th at 10:28 pm

Hi Jesse,

I know exactly what you mean, I’m the same way (as probably every web designer is). I am redesigning my freelance site and it is killing me. I think we put way too much effort into our own designs that it kind of kills the creativity and fun of it.

Posted by Keith Donegan July 19th at 11:49 am

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