24 Jul

Duck Farm

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Duck Farm

A kooky named site called Duck Farm has managed to find it’s way into the tree. A very dark design paired together with some electric curved lines makes this nice and simple but also very attractive. Don’t forget to checkout Duck Farm’s gallery for some quality wallpaper.

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Wow, so funny that you just linked to this. I used to visit this site years ago to get Desktop Pictures and I was just thinking the other day trying to remember what the site was. I knew it had something to do with a duck, lol.


Posted by Joshua July 24th at 12:03 pm

Hey Joshua, I’d say the design was alot different then? :)

Posted by Keith Donegan July 24th at 12:54 pm

Nintendo fun! I totally dig.

Posted by Dahlia July 24th at 9:09 pm

Ya, site’s design is really good.

Posted by more skin care December 2nd at 4:06 pm

Yea, love it!

Posted by Max August 30th at 6:29 am

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