17 Oct

Kit 10 Designs

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Kit10Designs.com Freelance Web/Graphic Designer and Developer

Kit10Designs is a showcase website for Cristiana Bard’s freelance web design works and developments.

A beautiful nature scene adorns the background of the site.  Subtle Flash animations make a wonderful design even better .  The color coordination of the entire site is terrific. Cristiana, you are a very talented individual!

15 Oct

We Create Logos

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We Create Logos Design Firm

Obviously, we don’t need to tell what we do and love doing.

The color and layout of the site do a wonderful job of showing this design firm’s philosophy. They create logos obviously, but with style and substance. The “box of inspiration” full of light bulbs, with lit “logo” filaments, burns an idea into the viewer’s mind. The blue box really pops off of the dark backdrop to draw attention to the logo. Red highlights draw visitors’ eyes to elements of the page they want you to see the most, pulling them down the page to the dark again contact box.  Nice page flow!

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