22 Feb

Casper Electronics

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Casper Electronics

Casper Electronics was designed by Masuga Design.

Light, playful and clean are some of the words I would use to describe the Casper Electronics site.  The color & font choice do a great job; recreating the nostalgic feeling of the toys used in Caspers creations.

The main table of the site resembles a toy that Casper has used for one of his circuit bending projects, right down to the screws.  Casper has created musical instruments for several big musicians from these old electronic toys.  Cool site for a cool job.

06 Feb

Cow and Monkey

Cow and Monkey

Boasting a genuine design talent, Cow & Monkey are able to create award winning designs and unique website visuals. A creative flair for producing clean, elegant & dynamic solutions for the web of today.

A unique name, and definitely a unique color pallette. The crisp cow and monkey logo as well as the illustrations look great.

01 Feb

Holdsworth Design

Holdsworth Design

Holdsworth Design will quickly give you Brian Holdsworth’s philosophy on website design.

I’m far more interested in helping your business succeed than designing another website for myself.

And a pretty site, you have.  The illumination of the Flash top menu is a great touch, giving a new look to the old world setting of stone sculpture. The color and layout of the page make every section standout, especially the Sevices Included section.

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