06 Feb

Cow and Monkey

Cow and Monkey

Boasting a genuine design talent, Cow & Monkey are able to create award winning designs and unique website visuals. A creative flair for producing clean, elegant & dynamic solutions for the web of today.

A unique name, and definitely a unique color pallette. The crisp cow and monkey logo as well as the illustrations look great.

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Now that is what I call branding :) – Simply stunning

Posted by Keith February 7th at 7:37 am

Very nice website, I really like the random headers that generate so the pages are different each time, also like the little cow and monkey facts!

Posted by Soula Web Design March 10th at 4:35 am

Thanks very much for kind comments and for showing my website on thedesigntree.com regards Ben

Posted by Ben March 10th at 8:16 am

this website is simply awesome.

Posted by Digital Base Webdev March 10th at 10:57 am

Yeah it’s a nice design alright. I like looking through folio’s like this, it gives me inspiration for my own websites.

Posted by Gavin Doolan March 25th at 4:03 pm

Trevor certainly did a good job designing the site for you Ben! But I already told you that ;)

Posted by n3o Web Design May 17th at 3:39 am

You are a very smart person!

Posted by CSS Envy | aSKer March 10th at 9:37 am

good good… this post deserves nothing :( …hahaha just joking :P …nice post :P

Posted by aSKer March 10th at 9:42 am

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