25 Mar


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LUOVA is the Finnish School of Wildlife Biology, Conservation and Management.

The color pallette and cool illustration are the first thing I noticed, but there is more. The background image connects perfectly with the illustration and a cool post break makes the site fit together tightly.

24 Mar

Lucy Blackmore – Artist

Lucy Blackmore Artist

Lucy Blackmore’s blog was designed by Will Blackmore.

I have a genuine passion for fashion, drawing, painting and all things creative!

As soon as you take a look at the page, you know that it belongs to an artist. The texture of the background and the art supplies can almost be felt when you see them.  While some of the images are not perfect quality, they give a more artful feel to the site.

18 Mar

Chata Schwaigrovka

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Chata Schwaigrovka was designed by DUNA Graphics.


17 Mar

White Interiors

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White Interiors - Interior Design

White Interiors was designed by WindNet Design.

So, what things (more…)

10 Mar


Volll.com, logo design, website design, game design, banner design

Volll is a design firm that definitely wants to make a good inpression.

We are connected by our love of colours, forms, shapes and technology. 

The layout has so many wonderful surprises. Aside from looking fantastic, the page loads in the middle, so clicking the navigation will actually take you to the top of the page.  Well, it  almost does, you can scroll a litttle farther for another great animation.  Most of the animations can also be put into motion by clicking them.  Even the rocks, lighthouse door and umbrella.  The page is truly beautiful with added surprises.

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