10 Mar


Volll.com, logo design, website design, game design, banner design

Volll is a design firm that definitely wants to make a good inpression.

We are connected by our love of colours, forms, shapes and technology. 

The layout has so many wonderful surprises. Aside from looking fantastic, the page loads in the middle, so clicking the navigation will actually take you to the top of the page.  Well, it  almost does, you can scroll a litttle farther for another great animation.  Most of the animations can also be put into motion by clicking them.  Even the rocks, lighthouse door and umbrella.  The page is truly beautiful with added surprises.

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Really impressed, not only is the design amazing but load time is fairly low for this kind of site.
The idea of a landscape scrolling like that is ace and I also love the staff profiles box that scroll around.

If I had to pick out a negative it would be the colour changing star which says “new” a bit out of place against the rest of the ace design.

Posted by Soula Web Design March 14th at 5:00 am

I agree with you 100% on the “New” star logo. I actually waited for it to change to a color that didn’t look quite as out of place before I took the screen shot. ;-)

Posted by The Designed Tree March 14th at 5:29 am

Nice landscape!

Posted by Fubiz May 23rd at 8:50 am

Those white spots are not rocks. They have legs so I thing they are sheeps :)
Really nice and easy design, liked it at first glance.

Posted by Motorcycle Parts August 6th at 11:32 am

Complimenti per la qualità grafica del sito.Leggo in inglese ma faccio fatica a scriverlo;-)Scusatemi se scrivo in italiano.Ciao From Italy.

Posted by Fabio Manico August 18th at 4:05 pm

good stuff!! this is just awesome! i have used some buttons and menus in the past from http://www.3rdace.com/downloads.php those are good too!!

Posted by sam July 19th at 5:02 pm

i love this site.. it so calming, and beautiful…it makes me happy.. lol..

P.S. The “very new” star is a nice dichotomy to the clean aesthetic.

Posted by zaheer October 5th at 1:56 am

Very Nice Design! Loving the fresh colours and use of animation on the website.

Posted by Artificial Colours April 21st at 3:08 am

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