11 May

teh-C peng

teh-C peng

tehCpeng.net was designed by the author ember.

The page features some great illustrations but above that, it displays a wonderful personality.  The inscribed coffee cup, headphones, note and Canon camera give you a glimpse of the ember’s personality and interests.  The site serves as a personal blog as well as a homage to ember’s favorite drink, teh-C peng, which you can read more about on his blog.

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Have to say thats a really nice design, not sure if the header might be a bit too deep (I’m viewing on a laptop) but some very nice design flair! Well done

Posted by n3o Web Design, Bedford May 17th at 3:42 am

I like the design of this site, especially the colour scheme. The right menu style is also very nice, something different compared to sites in a similar vein.

Posted by Soula Web Design June 30th at 1:18 am

The header image is too big to my taste, I see a lot of space wasted there, but the bottom part of the page is very nice.

Posted by Mediatoimisto 9mm, Lahti September 10th at 12:05 am

yes, i agree the header and logo big a little bit.

BUT design is very COOL!

Posted by Psd to html March 14th at 11:53 am

hey, you did a great job… I like your design…

Posted by Sean August 26th at 1:20 am

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