02 Jul

Doggy Cribs

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Doggy Cribs

Doggy Cribs was designed by Eyelingual.

Your dog is part of your family. Treat it like one by giving it a house with the quality and comfort of your own“.

Doggy Cribs looks like a fantastic kennel for your best friend that looks like a scaled down mini house. Their site features some inspiring colors that are very contemporary and decorous and overall the site itself is very rich and looks very inviting. Pat on the back to the boys at Doggy Cribs.

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26 May

Little Happy Cattery

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We are a small, family run boarding cattery situated in a safe, secure and tranquil garden environment“.

Little Happy Cattery was designed by Andy Gosling.

Little Happy Cattery has such a soft and girlie feel to it, it’s hard to imagine the website is aimed at cat lovers :) Pushing the pinkness aside, the site is very well designed with some fantastic design elements such as the stylish photos placed throughout the site and logo of the cat with the crown, which sums up the they way your cat will be treated.

Overall Little Happy Cattery does a good job of presenting their services and their brand is pretty good too.

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