26 Jul

Pop Labs

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Pop Labs

Supported by great people doing great things, the team at Pop Labs helps clients achieve better online marketing results by focusing on the things that web users really want“.

Pop Labs has a funky and fresh attitude with their website, the site looks full of life and fun. Below the fabulous red vectorized header are some pretty organized services contained within some stylish boxes.

I think they go a bit overboard with the last sections regarding “Stay in the loop”, “Fresh Ideas that work” etc. It feels overcrowded and I personally wouldn’t have added as much content as they have, but other than that slight disagreement the site looks fab. Excellent job Pop Labs.

16 Jul

Erik Mazzone

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Erik Mazzone

Executive and career coaching for lawyers“.

Erik Mazzone’s site was designed by onwired.

The patterned background seems to be an element that alot of web designers are adding to their designs these days and Erik’s definitely compliments the site well. Littered through the site are some snazzy photorealistic elements like the notepad paper for the right-hand nav and the dog eared paper.

12 Jul

SEO Position

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SEO Position

SEO Consulting, Viral and Social Marketing, Web Development“.

SEO Position have recently redesiged their site and all I can say is wow. They have a terrific color scheme and some sweet minor details going on such as the vectors in the right hand side nav and the leaves in the title of the posts. The elegant approach in design is stunning and the quality of the content is top notch, added to my RSS. Well done SEO Position

29 Jun

Eden Creative Communities

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Eden Creative Communities are the founders of such fantastic sites such as freelanceswitch and flashden.

Eden Creative Communities is dedicated to empowering your creativity. We are based in Sydney, Australia but our family of sites are home to creatives from around the world“.

Eden CC have an an almost too clean design with a gracefulness about it. It is sharp and very attractive. it should appeal to a wide audience as it is not overbearing or too styled.

25 Jun


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You really have to hand it apple for an ultra sleek design that inspires so much. As a pc user I have always been a bit envious of the design elements and the sheer looks on the mac operating system and also the their product designs (Macbook for instance). They are clear leaders in the design field and this revamped design demonstrates this.

19 Jun

Red Rover Company

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Red Rover was designed by Deluge Studios.

Red Rover are a marketing and communications company that have gone all out on the branding for this masterpiece. You would think this site is about dog related material upon arrival, an easy assumption to make. As well as the design looking very appealing and snazzy, what really grabbed me was Red Rover’s copy. For instance on their home page they have brought in some doggie keywords into the mix to help define their brand such as “Come” , “Bone” and “Speak”.

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