18 Mar

Chata Schwaigrovka

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Chata Schwaigrovka was designed by DUNA Graphics.


06 Jul


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The personal blog of a blog developer that is ready and available to develop your WordPress Blog“.

Imjtk is the smart and professional site behind JTk, the guy is carving a niche in wordpress development for himself and he has some serious skills here. I love the fact that this is JTK’s personal site but it also promotes what he does for a living without sounding corporate and mundane. The design is so easy on the eyes with a beautiful color palette to boot. Nice work Imjtk.

02 Jul


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This is another design from a language that I don’t understand at all but I just had to add because it is one of serious piece of eye candy. From what I gather with their images, they sell plants, trees and the like. Hrasti is in my top 10 best designs just by it’s shear looks and extraordinary attention to detail. Hrasti, you guys rock.

27 Jun


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I have no idea what this site is about let alone who designed Stauente, but design is universal, so who cares about the language.

There was one solid reason for this beauty being included on the tree and that was it’s clean uncluttered style. All of it’s content is well spaced out and soft on the eyes. The second was the header graphic. The I heart Stau graphic does take up alot of space and adds a good bit of scrolling to the page, but it so neat and slick I don’t care, now if someone can please tell me what the image is :) . Excellent approach Stauente

19 Jun

Spring Loops


Springloops is designed by Johny Vodka.

Code together, show your results instantly and make the next leap“.

The Springloops website is one of the simplest sites I have seen that manage to keep a high standard on design. The blue and brown colors are well chosen, modern and very suave indeed. The have gone with a rather tall header for such short navigation links but they do add a fantastic funky illustration to fill the space. I love it.

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27 May

DIT Conservatory

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Designed by Spoilt Child.

The DIT Conservatory website has such an uncluttered design that manages to include alot of content. Also check out some of their sections and see the wonderful images that really compliment the design Their tabbed navigation is really attractive and the gradient adds a nice a little bit of depth to the tabs. My other favourite piece of DIT Conservatory is the chosen colors, such elegance. Top marks guys.

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