11 May

teh-C peng

teh-C peng

tehCpeng.net was designed by the author ember.

The page features some great illustrations but above that, it displays a wonderful personality.  The inscribed coffee cup, headphones, note and Canon camera give you a glimpse of the ember’s personality and interests.  The site serves as a personal blog as well as a homage to ember’s favorite drink, teh-C peng, which you can read more about on his blog.

24 Mar

Lucy Blackmore – Artist

Lucy Blackmore Artist

Lucy Blackmore’s blog was designed by Will Blackmore.

I have a genuine passion for fashion, drawing, painting and all things creative!

As soon as you take a look at the page, you know that it belongs to an artist. The texture of the background and the art supplies can almost be felt when you see them.  While some of the images are not perfect quality, they give a more artful feel to the site.

04 Sep

Vanni Valle

Vanni Valle

Vannivalle.com was designed by and designer and developer, Vanni Valle.

A clean and trendy personal site with excellent separation of the header, content and footer. The fluid header is quite modern and very pleasing on the eyes.

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03 Sep

Fully Illustrated

Fully Illustrated

Fully Illustrated was designed by Michael Heald.

Michael has some intense, passionate and killer talent that he brings into the world of design, photography, 3d and illustration. What I find amazing is that he calls himself is a jack of all trades, which usually means mediocre skills at the best of times but Michael is in a class of his own in every field he enters.

I love the way he promotes his Hard Boiled baddies right smack in the middle above the fold and it actually doesn’t interfere with the design, rather it lends itself to it. This is one black beauty that you have to checkout.

03 Sep

Virb / leevi

Virb Leevi

Virb design by Leevi Graham.

Virb has some seriously remarkable designs that just can’t be ignored, a recent page I stumpled upon is from a guy called Leevi. As stated in his profile, he is a web designer (amongest other things), and what a designer he is. Leevi boasts some amazing customization through a very bold header and a nice graphic to the left of an easel and minimalistic layout. Great job Leevi.

10 Jul

Errol Schwartz

Errol Schwartz

Designed by Errol Schwartz.

ErrolSchwartz.com is a nice little that showcases Errol’s work. The design is a tad bit “blocky” and very much vectorized to the max :) which looks great by the way. Be sure to checkout Errol’s work at the bottom of the page to see some amazing pieces of work.

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