08 Nov

Lemon Stand PHP Shopping Cart App

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Lemon Stand App - PHP shopping cart

03 Jul

Versions App

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Versions App

Versions App was designed by made by sofa.

Versions App is a subversion program released to the mac community.

The header is just bursting with life and really brings the site together. The small pieces of text that litter the site are so well placed and break up what the creators want to say beautifully. One thing that I have never seen anywhere else was the “Get the Beta” button, click to find some nice sliding effects and a glow on the “Subscribe for the beta newsletter” background. You will definitely not get lost on where to sign up. Excellent job Versions App.

03 Jul

Panic / Coda

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Panic Coda

Text editor + Transmit + CSS editor + Terminal + Books + More = Whoah“.

Coda from Panic have what seems to be a very thought out product for web developers. A one window development area for organizing, creating, uploading, previewing and referencing your work.

The whole interface for the Coda site is extremely slick by the use of all the javascript effects. and I think it plays nicely in presenting the product well. The other main part I think everyone will love is the icons. Coda have some gorgeous icons that definitely bring professionalism to the site.

08 May

Cheetah3D Software

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Design by Novolume.

“Cheetah3D is a simple yet extremely powerful 3D modeling, rendering and animation application for Apple Mac OS X with an easy learning curve and a very competitive price tag.”

Cheetah 3D Software deliver a top class solution to showcase their award winning 3D software. I like the way they contain an image created by the program with a price tag above stating it’s $129. When you add the two elements (price and image) you get the feeling your getting real value for money as the 3D graphics created are of expentional quality.

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